Norway Then and Now: A Comparison of Norwegian Society in the Late 1960s and Today

  • Clive Archer
Keywords: Norway, 1960s, Comparison, Organisational Society, Europe


Political, economic and social change in Norway from the late 1960s to the early 2010s has been substantial, though key elements of the politics and society have endured. Change is mapped using seven areas of interest, including economic growth, change in the country’s societal composition and in its relations to the rest of the world. In particular, the developments in social movements and the continuation of Norway as an “organisational society” are examined. It seems that, while Norway’s organisations went into decline at the end of the last century, they have made something of a come-back. This may be in response to outside challenges in areas such as the environment but also may reflect an upsurge in youth activity. The country is now involved in European and world events as never before. Norway is becoming like many other West European societies, only it is better organised and richer.