Spartakusgruppe, revolutionäre Obleute und die politischen Massenstreiks in Deutschland während des Ersten Weltkriegs


  • Ottokar Luban



Deutschland, Erster Weltkrieg, Spartakusgruppe, Massenstreik, Sozialdemokratie, Germany, First World War, Spartacus League, Mass Strike, Social Democracy


Considering shortfalls in supply and a general dissatisfaction with war that led to greater resentments amongst German workers, this essay focuses on the left-wing activities during the First World War in Germany − and their limits. It examines in particular various strikes such as the Liebknecht strike of June 1916 as well as the practices employed by activists, which ultimately culminated in the November Revolution and paved the way for the Weimar Republic. The contribution shows in how far left-wing supporters regarded political mass strikes as a suitable way of expressing their stance and the struggle for democratic rights. In addition, it reveals the different positions of historians on the state repression measures and the lacking participation of trade unions and social democrats that impeded the Spartacus League and chairmen of the Labour in their intentions for peace and democracy.