Soziale Bewegungen, Politische Linke und Nationale Frage der Slowenen (1848-1991)


  • Rolf Wörsdörfer



Soziale Bewegung, Slowenien, Linke, Nationale Frage, Social Movement, Slovenia, Left, National Identity


The author scrutinizes the relations between social movements and the national guestion as they developed in the Slovene-speaking regions during a period of 150 years, starting with the revolution of 1848 and ending with the declaration of independence in 1991. The geographical framework being rather narrow, a perspective of longue durée has been chosen. The contacts between the movements within the society, the political programs and the cultural practice on the one hand and the search for a national identity and an international role on the other are investigated. An attempt is made to explain why the idea of an independent state - despite the growing integration in the European Union - has achieved such a strong consensus in the Slovene society, invoking some of the political programs which had mobilized a large part of the population during the last two centuries.