Cross-Movement in Latin America: Lessons from the Mercosur Confederation of Family Farming Organisations (Coprofam)


  • Juliana R. Luiz
  • Priscila Delgado de Carvalho
  • Marco Antonio Teixeira



transnational rural movements, family farming, Coprofam, Latin America;, cross-movements, coalitions


In this article, we analyse the Mercosur Confederation of Family Farming Organisations (Coprofam), a transnational organisation of South American rural social movements and trade unions. Based on the dialogue mirrored in the literature on coalition formation, a contextual-spatial perspective and a pragmatist approach, we aim to understand the process of alliance building that led to the creation of Coprofam, as well as its sustainability and longevity. The paper highlights the importance of political context, previous social ties, political cultures and historical memories, debates about coalitional identity, as well as Coprofam’s actions to expand relations with other movements, organisations and regions, which have influenced Coprofam’s formation and development, through the decades. In terms of data and methods, the research is based on the analysis of documents, participant observation and interviews with Coprofam’s activists.