My ‘1968’

  • Logie Barrow
Keywords: workplace, tenants’ and student struggles, anti-racism, solidarity with Czechoslovakia, Vietnam


This emphasises the richness of late-1960s leftist activity; author’s reaction to the twin shocks of 1956 (Suez and Hungary) into opposition to both Western and Stalinist imperialisms; dynamics of the “International Socialist” group. On fringes of struggles at LSE; their impact. Servicing others’ struggles; full employment from 1940s allowed shopfloor momentum: ‘DIY reformism’; example: Manchester’s Roberts-Arundel struggle. GLC tenants’ movement from 1967. Arguing with pro-Enoch Powell dockers, April 1968. Differentiated solidarity with French ‘events’. August: sudden Soviet re-possession of Czechoslovakia: divergent motives on solidarity-demo. Position on Vietnam struggle; much hysteria on all sides before and during London’s Vietnam demo of 27th October. Factual and methodological convolutions of blaming the ‘1960s’ for neoliberalism.