The History of Historiography as a Form of Disciplinary Self-Reflection

In Memoriam: Georg G. Iggers (1926 – 2017)


  • Michael Antolović



George G. Iggers, history of historiography, german historiography, enlightenment, new history, marxism, postmodernism, globalization, public intellectual


This article addresses the theoretical and methodological conceptions of Georg G. Iggers (1926 –2017) in the context of his work on the history of historiography. In addition to the autobiography written by Wilma and George Iggers, the present study focuses on the main subjects of his research: the emergence and development of German historical scholarship (Geschichtswissenschaft ) from Leopold Ranke to the present, the role of the Enlightenment in the constitution of “scientific historiography,” different forms of New History in the twentieth century, the relationship between Marxism and historiography, and the challenge to historical writing posed by postmodernism and globalization. Moreover, special attention is given to Iggers’ ideas as one of the foremost engaged public intellectuals.