Biografieanalyse zweier Generationen von SPD-Spitzenpolitikern aus der Perspektive der Habitus-Feld-Analyse

Max Reinhardt


This article features results of a study in which the author was inspired by Pierre Bourdieu's Habitus-/Field-method to examine biographies of leading SPD-politicians of the postwar period. After the era Schröder (from 2005 onwards), members of this "great-grandchild-generation", who experienced National Socialism, the Second World War and the postwar period at a very young age, shaped SPD politics significantly at the national level. The theoretical and methodological basics of the analysis are outlined and used to present selected results that shed light on the question whether the representation of SPD members has changed.


Biographie; Sozialdemokratie; Habitus-Feld-Analyse; Wandel; SPD; Biography; Social Democracy; Habitus Analysis; Change

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